Bring Out your beast

Show your school pride, or just enjoy lion and tiger paraphernalia...
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Choose from various styles of artwork, and various sizes. You have the options of several frames. Make your home or office more fierce. (Very few available currently)

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Coffee Mugs, Calendars, Mouse Pads, Pens, Banners, Yard Signs, just about anything related to tigers or lions.

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Various clothing in lions and tigers designs. The range from realistic to fun to own. Very attention grabbing to subtle.

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Stuffed Animals

Tame your own wild animal. Purchase Stuffed Animals in various sizes. These are suitable for every age and fun to own.

Would you like to make special requests this is the place !

Lion and Tiger Pride

Tigers and Lions in the wild..

Enjoy Videos, about various high schools and colleges that use tigers and lions as their mascots. Also, watch various speakers give their impressions of lions and tigers. Videos about liion and tiger information. Fun facts about these two large cats, leaves plenty of room to chose your cat of choice.


Tigers vs Lions

Fire Style

A unique style of painting that appears to be forged in fire. Very popular for bedroom walls, and desktop backgrounds.


These are mostly photographs. There are a series of artistic renderings made to look like photographs


These are paintings. Mostly, water colors, pencil drawings, oil and ink styled pictures.


This area is a catch all that doesn’t fit the other three categories.

Tigers vs Lions

Lions vs Tigers

This is a tiger and lion lovers heaven.

Tigers vs lions

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Life like Stuffed Lion (over 6 feet long)

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